new releases for december 2010

We are very proud to announce 3 new releases for the end of 2010, putting an end to some years of inactivity.

New Traditional Fang Music From Porto

The first edition of a series of planned editions of fake traditional music from the most obscure places on the planet. Each release, limited to 50 copies, comes in a deluxe book package.


Filigranas Negras – Filigrana, tripas e sangue

Co-released with Latrina do Chifrudo, this release contains two cd-r´s, one fanzine and one canvas all wraped together in a very special edition, limited to only 20 copies. Electroacoustic music, sludge and psychedelia.


Aural Bowels

Co-released with Latrina do Chifrudo and Soopa, this compilation CD celebrates three years of activity in the Matanças Festival. Contains track of some of the most active personalities in the experimental music scene from Porto. Limited to 200 copies.


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