New Traditional Fang Music From Porto

LGTW #014. CD-R with 250 pages book (not directly related with the music) 12 euros. This is the first release of a new series of fake traditional music from obscure communities made in Porto. Fang is an ethnic minority from Gabon, and used to be one of the African tribes known for the practice of cannibalism. The music, played with a variety of unnusual instruments (glasses, balloons, saws, marbles, boxes), is the soundtrack for these long lost rituals. Obscure music. The cd comes in a deluxe book package. The book is not directly related with the music, but is precisely chosen for each copy. Limited edition to 50 copies.

Track List:

01. Sherehe za binadamu

02. Kutahiriwa

03. Roho juu

04. Wimbo wa ndege


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