New Traditional Fang Music From Porto

LGTW #014. CD-R with 250 pages book (not directly related with the music) 12 euros. This is the first release of a new series of fake traditional music from obscure communities made in Porto. Fang is an ethnic minority from Gabon, and used to be one of the African tribes known for the practice of cannibalism. The music, played with a variety of unnusual instruments (glasses, balloons, saws, marbles, boxes), is the soundtrack for these long lost rituals. Obscure music. The cd comes in a deluxe book package. The book is not directly related with the music, but is precisely chosen for each copy. Limited edition to 50 copies.

Track List:

01. Sherehe za binadamu

02. Kutahiriwa

03. Roho juu

04. Wimbo wa ndege


Filigranas Negras – Filigrana, tripas e sangue

LGTW #013 / LC CD003 FILIGRANAS NEGRAS “Filigrana Tripas e Sangue” 2xCDR + Fanzine + Canvas and Rope package 18€
Soundtracks for occult performances. This package contains the ritual psychedelic ambient music CDR “Pentagramas Bordados em Panos de Linho” and the experimental sludge monster CDR “7 Cruzes Invertidas” along with a graphic fanzine filled with pictures and drawings all inside a beautifully hand-crafted package made out of a piece of canvas used in a 2006 performance by this group, so all packages are slightly different. This is a co-edition between Latrina do Chifrudo and Let’s Go To War. Limited to 20 copies.

Track List:

Filigranas Negras: 7 cruzes invertidas

01. Afogado em verde branco

02. Sangue no rio Lima

03. Sarrabulho humano

04. Saia com sete facas

05. Vira da morte

06. Assassinato com agulha de crochet

07. Enforcado numa videira

Filigranas Negras: Pentagramas bordados em panos de linho

01. Valey

02. Lampreia afro veneno


Aural Bowels – Compilation CD

LGTW#012 / LC CD004 – VARIOUS ARTISTS “Aural Bowels” Pro-CD 8€
A gathering of the musicians that annually perform the “Matanças Festival” in Oporto. This is ritual, occult music from the depths of this city. This compilation shows a large variety of experimental music and it is an excellent showcase for the musical scene from Oporto. Contains tracks from Satan’s Zombies Paranoid, Besta Bode, New Traditional Fang Music, Pvppa, Caverna, Brutos da Natureza, Filigranas Negras, Tendagruta and Sparagmos.
This is a collaboration between Latrina do Chifrudo, Let’s Go To War and Soopa.


Track List:

01. Satan´s Zombies Paranoid – Figulus iuxta patrem et matrem stupri

02. Besta Bode -Teomania autoimune

03. New Traditional Fang Music From Porto – Sherehe za binadamu

04. Tendagruta – Il Culta

05. Filigranas Negras – Sarrabulho humano

06. Caverna – Alvorada

07. Pvppa – The great wall of nihilotaurus

08. Sparagmos -Tongues

09. Brutos da Natureza – 1755 / 2012


new releases for december 2010

We are very proud to announce 3 new releases for the end of 2010, putting an end to some years of inactivity.

New Traditional Fang Music From Porto

The first edition of a series of planned editions of fake traditional music from the most obscure places on the planet. Each release, limited to 50 copies, comes in a deluxe book package.


Filigranas Negras – Filigrana, tripas e sangue

Co-released with Latrina do Chifrudo, this release contains two cd-r´s, one fanzine and one canvas all wraped together in a very special edition, limited to only 20 copies. Electroacoustic music, sludge and psychedelia.


Aural Bowels

Co-released with Latrina do Chifrudo and Soopa, this compilation CD celebrates three years of activity in the Matanças Festival. Contains track of some of the most active personalities in the experimental music scene from Porto. Limited to 200 copies.


klank ensemble “minorities and oddities”

let´s go to war #003 2005 cd-r; ensemble de instrumentos não convencionais, gravado ao vivo no space festival em 2000. zé miguel , ana costa, alexandre gamelas, joão martins, gustavo costa, joão tiago fernandes, albrecht loops tocaram os seguintes instrumentos (e outros que não nos recordamos agora…): gritarra, triviolino, ocasio, sixxen modificado, zéremin, mesa, flautas de plástico, molas, lixo. free improv. 4 euros

cd-klanktrack list:

01. adygea

02. ghodoberis

03. udmurtia

04. payoniiya-tsuro

05. zzyzx

06. talyshes


red albinos “table of mutations and polymorphisms”

let´s go to war #002 2005 cd-r; trio de joão martins (saxofone), zé miguel pinto (guitarra eléctrica) e gustavo costa (bateria), gravado ao vivo no space festival em 2001. free improv. 4 euros


track list:

01. mutations and polymorphysms of tyr

02. mutations and polymorphysms of p

03. mutations and polymorphysms of tyrp1

04. mutations and polymorphysms of matp

05. mutations and polymorphysms of hps1

06. mutations and polymorphysms adtb3a

07. mutations and polymorphysms of hps3

08. mutations and polymorphysms of chs1



let´s go to war #001 2005 mini cd-r; improv duo de gustavo costa (percussão) e albrecht loops (guitarra preparada), gravado em 2000. 4 euros


track list:

01. knifes

02. scissors

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